February 27th - March 17th, 2017

Sanctuary is a multi-media arts festival celebrating community, spirituality and creative expression. Spanning  twenty days of installations, performances and events, Sanctuary will feature works from a variety of creative disciplines, including fine art, music, choreography, literature, comedy, film, sociology and more.


All Sanctuary events will take place at The San Damiano Mission, a Roman Catholic Church located at the crossing of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn. The Mission welcomes all people regardless of faith. Sanctuary is a creative and a spiritual endeavor with the aim to support the restoration of The San Damiano Mission on both a physical and spiritual level.

During the span of Sanctuary, the church will be open daily as a creative sanctuary around its regularly scheduled services. See the full schedule for details.

Hosted by visual artist Sebastiaan Bremer, who will be working on-site to create original works for the duration of the festival, and produced in affiliation with The Armory Show and The Lot Radio.

Sanctuary seeks to break down barriers as we explore the notions of “art”, “spirituality” and “community” in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood. It’s an opportunity for newcomers and long-time residents to come together in celebration, and create a safe place for self-expression, experimentation, and artistic collaboration.

"Through the magic of art, Bremer is working to bring all aspects of community together."

-Paste Magazine


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Image by Marc de Groot

Image by Marc de Groot