Josephine Wiggs

Josephine Wiggs is a Brooklyn-based musician and composer best known as bassist and founding member of The Breeders, with whom she has recorded three albums, including an upcoming new release. Early on, Wiggs who was born and raised in England played with the Velvets-inspired art rock band Perfect Disaster, recording three albums with them. Over the years, she has also collaborated with Spacemen3/Spiritualized drummer Jon Mattock, producing Honey Tongue and BonBon Lifestyle with him. Together with Vivian Trimble, formerly of Luscious Jackson, she released Dusty Trails, an homage to classic film soundtracks.

Since 2001, Wiggs has also written music for live performance, art installations, and feature-length film. That diverse body of work, which has been shown internationally, includes several pieces to accompany dance or experimental film by the highly regarded duo chameckilerner, work by the video artist Zohar Kfir, and soundtracks for the feature films Piggie by Alison Bagnall, Happy Accidents by Brad Anderson, Appropriate Behavior by Desiree Akhavan, and the documentary Built on Narrow Land. Her project for Sanctuary is her second collaboration with Sebastiaan Bremer.

For Sanctuary, JOSEPHINE wiggs created The work Confessional : Turn To Moss which is on view throughout the whole festival. Josephine wiggs will also be present during sanctuary recording and playing music