Sticky Mess Love

by Veronika Georgieva

5m 25s, single channel projection, 2016

Still from Sticky Mess Love (2016)

Still from Sticky Mess Love (2016)


" Sticky Mess Love uses documentation of a Bubble Gum Contest. My interest lays mostly in not what we see but in what we don’t see — what left in folds and wrinkles. Overlapping images of  teenagers blowing bubbles are turning into the Francis-Bacon-like-mess of a first kiss, first love, first fusion of one into another and first slurs of a feelings, like a video title itself which can not decide how to be called — “before i turn you into the crazy stupid sticky mess. sticky mess love.” Combination of the words from Henry Purcell soundtrack “forever ever” with big pink innocent gum bubble delivers oppositional meanings — what on Earth could be more temporal than a bubble / what on Earth could be more temporal/ eternal than a first kiss."

- Veronika Georgieva


Sticky Mess Love will on view at Sanctuary on March 2nd between 4 and 7 PM