sanctuary EAST

JUNE 12th, 2018

A night of art, music, culture, and collaboration curated on this special occasion
to celebrate Sebastiaan Bremer’s birthday!

The latest installment of Sanctuary at NuBlu 151 merges musical performances with live video-artists (VJs) to create an interactive artscape that lives parallel to, and in collaboration with the music -- resulting in two streams of art happening simultaneously. This installation reflects on the intersection of different media and celebrates art in a specific moment and place.

The evening will be hosted by Akeema - Zane and feature performances by Melanie Charles, ELSZ, (Liv).e, Bridget Barkan, and DJs Alima Lee and OSAGIE. Simultaneously, musically interactive video will be produced in real-time and projected overhead by four renowned VJs: Lady Firefly, VJ Fuzzy Bastard, Sofy Yuditskaya and VJ M-Rae.

The goal is that all the artists are oriented in the same direction, to realize Sanctuary’s stated guiding principle: to establish temporary artistically oriented communities to support spontaneous and honest expression.