Sanctuary seeks to break down barriers as we explore the notions of “art”, “spirituality” and “community” in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood. It’s an opportunity for newcomers and long-time residents to come together in celebration, and create a safe place for self-expression, experimentation, and artistic collaboration. Hosted by visual artist Sebastiaan Bremer, Sanctuary began in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and will soon grow and cross international borders.

Sanctuary East: June 12th, 2018 at NuBlu 151
Sanctuary Brooklyn: February 27th - March 17th, 2017 at The San Damiano Mission
Sanctuary Nashville: permanent installation at 21c Museum Hotels

"Through the magic of art, Bremer is working to bring all aspects of community together."

-Paste Magazine


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    Image by Marc de Groot

    Image by Marc de Groot