The participants include:

 Andrea Lerner, an immigrant from Brazil. She has lived in NY longer than any other place in her life, 27 years. She still carries a heavy Brazilian accent when speaking English, just like her grandmother’s heavy Eastern European accent when she spoke Portuguese. Her grandmother, a Jewish-Polish immigrant, moved to Brazil at the same age (23) that Andrea moved to NY.  They both felt equally foreigners and totally at home in their new countries.

Rosane Chamecki: her family migrated from Poland to Brazil.  In Brazil, she grew up partially under a military dictatorship, where messages against the government were encoded in songs and films. At 24, she immigrated to the US. She is a woman over 50, video artist, choreographer and motion designer.

Megan Curet, a Nuyorican native, humanitarian, dancer, Choreographer and daughter of immigrant.

Zavé Martohardjono, a queer, trans, mixed-race artist and activist who grew up in NYC. They are an immigrant from Java (by way of Western Europe and Canada) and Southern Italy (by way of a working class Massachusetts town).

Koosil-ja, a permanent resident alien to the countries she was born and raised, and also has been living since 1981.

Cynthia Anne Stanley, mother of 4 daughters, survivor of sexual assault

Kayvon Pourazar, an immigrant from Iran. Kayvon left Tehran at the age of 6 with his parents to escape persecution from religious zealots. They were tossed around between various countries (and mistreated by customs agents repeatedly) that would only offer temporary visas until they gave up and started living illegally in London. Kayvon was separated from his parents at the age of 14 due to immigration red tape and had to fend for himself in a rough inner-city neighborhood in London, often without electricity, eating out of cans, abused and robbed repeatedly by British white nationalists and appearing in court for deportation proceedings to send him back to Iran which would have led to him being forced to join the Iranian military. "Luckily", in the nick of time, Kayvon received his US Greencard before deportation action was taken. Kayvon thinks of New York as home but feels conflicted about living in the countries that caused the whole mess in Iran to begin with, i.e. Operation Boot (British Intelligence) and Operation Ajax (CIA).

Leila Zimbel, half muslim/Palestinian and half Jewish, and her father grew up a refugee in Lebanon. She is inspired by dichotomy, duality and transformation.

Mariangela Lopez, a dance artist and teacher from Caracas, Venezuela. She has been in this country since 1994.

Vanessa Vargas, a woman, a Venezuelan, a migrant in transit. She is also a dancer, a performer and a researcher. She is interested in collaborative performance, dance practices and scholarly research on body and migration.

Manny Palad, not a Robot. He is an immigrant, an image-maker, and a gay man living and exploring movement in New York City.

Tanja Meding, originally from Germany, made a point of getting naturalized the spring of 2016, in time to vote in the presidential election. Now she is proud to make her voice heard by marching, chanting, writing and calling Congress.

Dages Juvelier Keates, a queer, cis-presenting, feminist dance artist from Wyoming. Practicing postmodern witch performing acts of radical embodiment in the service of uprooting white supremacist patriarchy.

Fabio Augusto Tavares da Silva, a gay and Christian immigrant.

Mirette Franklin, a black immigrant from Ethiopia. She is ten years old and lives in Brooklyn.

Elsabet Franklin, a proud twelve-year-old girl. She is an Ethiopian immigrant.

Luciana Achugar, a Brooklyn-based choreographer from Uruguay who grew as an artist in close dialogue with the NY and Uruguayan contemporary dance communities.

Justin Lynch, a performer and a lawyer. He is a gay immigrant POC and dual citizen of Jamaica and the U.S.A.

Oren Barnoy is his name and his parents are immigrants.

Nazli Parvizi, not a dancer, but is pissed enough about the current state of the world to try anything that lends itself to resistance.

Cintia Chamecki: her grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe to Brazil in.the 1930s. Cintia emigrated from Brazil in1998. She is a tap dancer and filmmaker.

Julieta Valero: Venezuelan, NYC based for the last 20+ years, dancer / choreographer, founder and director of Rastro, resisting through movement and motherhood.

Anna Azrieli was a refugee from the Soviet Union at the age of 7. She and her immigrant family settled in Queens, NY. She went through the public school system in NYC. She is a choreographer, dancer, and movement teacher.

Marin Sander-Holzman, a Jewish-American and the grandchild of immigrants from Eastern Europe. He is a video producer and sometime performer.

Ezra Azrieli Holzman, the child of an immigrant on one side and the great grandchild of immigrants on the other. Ezra was born in NYC and attends public school in Brooklyn. Ezra is a performer, actor, singer, and dancer.

Cristina Latici, granddaughter of Italian immigrants who worked in the textile industry in the early 20th century.  Her father was captured by Nazi youth and spent the last several months of WWII in a prisoner of war camp when his plane was shot down over Germany.

Lucas Girino, brown alien. They come from a warm country and live amongst cold people.

Keppie: born Bryan Kepple many years ago on a tiny farm far away. Now he makes beautiful things with curious people in the big city. Love to Rosane, Andrea, Sebastiaan and my 24-year obsession/compulsion, Pedro. Resist to Exist. Stop Fascism, End Hate.