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Open Gallery

Pay what you can, all ages welcome
Sanctuary closes for Mass service from 12pm - 1pm

10am - 12pm

Meditation Hour
Confessional: Turn To Moss recreates the intimate, contemplative space of a Catholic confessional, but here, your introspection is mediated by image, sound, and nature. Musician Josephine Wiggs (bass player in the Breeders) has composed a suite of instrumental music for this immersive experience, a meditation on decay and renewal. Video by Sebastiaan Bremer and Manuel Miranda. Designed and built by Bill Swartz.

10am - 6pm

Lalela, an organization devoted to empowering at-risk youths through the arts, will be on-site sharing information about their work. Scarves made with patterns designed by students from their programs will be available for sale.

1pm - 4pm

Open Mic            
Our open mic stage will be set and ready for any of the renowned musicians playing at Sanctuary to come and play, record, or try out new tunes. Stop by to see who might be playing!


Film Screening: Trying by Liza May Post (1998, 2 min, playing on loop)


Film Screening: SAMBA #2 by chameckilerner (silent, playing on loop)